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Let’s Build a Better World Together.

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Metaverse as Your Office

Work from wherever you want.

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True Believers Meet A-Players

Work with some of the best talent in the
industry and embark on a grand adventure to change the world.

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You Decide the Destination

Have a vision? Come bring it to life on the shores of the New-New World.

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Develop skills and gain experience in Web3, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Failure is forgiven. Learning is mandatory.

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Enjoy the benefits of working in and for an organization that puts community as the first priority. Hint: The first community we're building is this team!

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Mindful Performance

Work with other True Believers in an environment that treasures personal well-being as a priority.

Practice Right Livelihood at ENFT DAO

At ENFT DAO we believe in working together for the benefit of our community. We’re a small fellowship with high standards and big dreams, and we aim to build a fairer and more inclusive world. This starts with treating ourselves (mind, body and spirit) with respect and mindfulness, and extends to creating a community and platform that centers on generosity.

Besides getting the opportunity to unlock your true potential, you’ll also meet some of the most talented and passionate people on the planet. Together, we can bend the arc of history toward justice and equality.

Are You Ready To Join Our Team?

QA Engineer

Anywhere (Remote)

30 Jun, 2022

No of vacancies: 1

Core Developer

Anywhere (Remote)

29 Jun, 2022

No of vacancies: 3