Regal Eagles Launch March 13th

This mint will be part of our Own the Alpha campaign that is coordinated with the launch of the Youbei NFT Marketplace.
Mint a Regal Eagle and Own the Alpha.

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Graphics for ENFT 3 modified ENFT DAO

Own the ALPHA

During the Alpha phase of the Youbei NFT Marketplace, 80% of marketplace fees will go Regal Eagles hodlers.

Earn rewards by holding Regal Eagles and trading NFTs on the Youbei marketplace.

It’s your marketplace, Own the Alpha.

Get Ready to Fly

Group 186 ENFT DAO

Step #2:
Purchase EGLD in the Maiar App | ~$150USD per NFT

Group 386 ENFT DAO

Step #4:
In Discord Right Click on #announcements And set Notification Settings to "All Messages"