What exactly is an NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs main function are to be digital art and look cool, some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event, think of it like a rare piece of art that can also act as a “members” card.

What can I do with my Elrond NFT?

Anything you want! Show it to your friends in the community, trade them with others, use it as a profile pic, collect more to create a set and get periodic rewards, or just flex it online! You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license.

Will it be a good investment?

We think so! But nothing is guaranteed, so please do not invest any amount of money you are uncomfortable with.

Investing in an Elrond NFT is both an investment in the Elrond community and in the art and culture of NFTs. We see a bright future for not only Elrond NFTs but blockchain as the future of technology. This is one way that we are showing appreciation for the technology, community and the Elrond team.


We believe that NFTs belong to the community. We’re reserving 3% for the team and marketing. An additional 2% will be reserved for charity – and we’re looking for causes to support that align with our community! Reach out to us. 5% will be reserved to fund a DAO sustainably. 

Eagles Fly With Eagles

We're all Co-Creators. Now Meet the Family!

Thien "Regal Beagle" Pham

fixed beagle ENFT DAO

Chief Financial Officer

Tim, an engineer by training and an anesthesiologist by trade, works full-time as a doctor by day and crypto investor by night. Tim is responsible for our ability to be independent and self-funded. No VC overlords, only family. Tim loves to party.

Ben "Bald Eagle" Miller

180641258 ENFT DAO

@benjmiller88, Head of Marketing

Ben works marketing at a FAANG company and has worked with numerous other tech companies in the US. Ben is in charge of social media, marketing and all things hype. Ben enjoys long walks with his dog Jerri, a cute little nug of a dog.

Reda "Zany Eagle" Rhardane

Zany Designer 1 ENFT DAO


Reda is the artist behind the Regal Eagles and the first Artist in Residence for the  ENFT DAO. Find more of his work on Instagram.

Amir "Gold Eagle" Nouri

Gold Eagle ENFT DAO

Chief Technology Officer

Amir has spent the past decade building and launching startups as a full-stack engineer, founder and CTO. This has most recently includes hist time as CTO of TotemFi, a DeFi application built on the Bitcoin and Ethereum. Amir is a firm believer in diversity and takes pride in his ability to scale  and empower developers to learn new systems and skills.

Koyuki 1 ENFT DAO

@K_ENFT, Host | Master of ZENFT Podcast

K, or Mind Eagle, has been a leader in AI/ML for over a decade working in Silicon Valley for successful start-ups such as Headspace, NextDoor, and FAANG. She is a serious meditator and believes in decentralized AI and mindfulness fueled DAO. Mind Eagle loves learning and experiencing new cultures and being a lifelong learner and mentor has been her utmost priority.

We're Proud to Be Advised and Supported by the Community We Serve

UsSZTNsp 400x400 1 ENFT DAO

@KevinMLydon, Founder | @HeliosStaking

Kevin brings to the table 15 years experience working in the digital marketing and also many years experience as a Youth and Family support worker. When combined both these professions have allowed him to create a company that has a primary focus not only on creating a great product but teaching it as well. 

Wesley Kress 1 ENFT DAO

@WesleyBKress, CEO | Breakthrough Performance/Rehab

Wesley aka “Education Eagle” is the CEO of Breakthrough Performance/Rehab with a unique background as a banking professor & 17+ years of financial markets experience. Wesley is also an independent crypto analyst and educator focusing on Elrond Network’s community. Wesley is the #1 Elrond Network educator and influencer on Twitter. He is deeply passionate about financial inclusion and financial literacy. 

HY8 Ijbk 400x400 1 ENFT DAO

CryptoRings, Founder | @CryptoRingsNFT

Creator of $RING NFTs on the Elrond blockchain where users can duel other ring bearers to earn $FORGE. Crypto Rings is an experienced and successful founder of several crypto projects and holds an advanced degree in CS.

Sarah Kaplan Headshot 732x1024 1 ENFT DAO

Sarah Kaplan, Attorney | @CECounsel

Sarah’s mission as a lawyer is to support local economies that are equitable and ecologically sustainable. Since 2012 she has served numerous cooperatives, including consumer, worker, producer, and platform cooperatives. She has handled formations, equity and debt financing, and contract issues for these cooperatives. Sarah enjoys drafting creative organizational documents that implement cooperative principles.