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969 Rare Vault NFTs - December 18th

969 Vault NFTs Dropping Sat, Dec 18 @10AM PST

Our first public collection is the EGLD Vault, a limited set of collectible store-of-value NFTs that signal your early adoption of and belief in the Elrond movement and our native token EGLD.

Designed as an asset to store and appreciate the value of your EGLD, there are over 47 variations across different backgrounds and types. Some are extremely rare and will be randomly distributed upon purchase.

A secret utility will give you access to an Elrond Experience LIVE! Details TBA. Priced to be less than ETH Gas (<$150 USD). 

||| Limit 1 per Transaction
||| Limit 10 per Wallet
||| .5 EGLD each

My Vault...My Precious...

Will you bear the burden of The-One-NFT?

What will you do with such power?

Other examples of...

what your EGLD Vault could look like

There are over 47 variations of EGLD Vault NFTs. Each variation was rendered in complete 3D. The most rare NFTs will be minted in video format.

Rarity Information