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ENFT DAO presents Onchain Warriors

Free mint.
1 per Wallet.
OGs Only.

/Dropped on 11/23/2021
Minted out in <4 minutes

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twenty twenty one
begin the great migration
onchain warrior arise

In the darkness they toiled, an eternity of suffering, Yoked by their masters to the wheel of greed, who themselves were caught in the endless chase. Hungry Ghosts, the lot of them, cursed to live with their mouths always open, and their fat bellies constantly gnawing. Those who had, had much. And yet that was never enough. But even in the darkest of nights, there is light.

//The Beacons Are LIT! Elrond NFT DAO Calls for Aid!

//And the Onchain Warriors shall Answer!

145 of the Bravest Souls, hardy spirits ready to traverse the Realms of shadow and Mist. For beyond the shadows lay the glorious transcendence of all: A path of liberation, the Great Bell of Enlightenment, and the lifting of the burden of survival.

The Metaverse beckons. The Great Migration has begun and the Onchain Warriors are the First to Reach the Other Shore.

What will they Build in this new land? You will decide.


<Community Building>.

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Frequently Asked Questions <FAQ>


We believe OCW is the first ever Profile Photo (PFP) NFT collection created completely onchain on the Elrond Network.


“Completely on chain” means All the data you need is Stored on the Elrond Network mainnet blockchain. This is the most secure way to create an NFT, and few NFTs have achieved this. Almost all NFTs store their image and metadata off chain in some other data store (ie, Google Cloud, IPFS), and the blockchain is only used to point to the off chain storage location. Those NFTs are not as secure as OCW where the image data is completely stored on the native blockchain. OCW also includes a link to IPFS (that same image) for ease of display and as redundancy.


There is historic importance to being the first to achieve something with our community, especially as we combine that with the clout of being an Early adopter. Being onchain combines being early with the most pure form of ownership – no one can take it away from you as long as the blockchain survives. 

The tradeoff for the security that comes from hosting the images onchain is that anything onchain is extremely expensive. It has cost the project a significant amount of $EGLD to mint these NFTs because of their onchain nature. We’re excited to make the investment because the OCW mint marks a moment in history for the Elrond Network and ENFT collectors. celebrating onchain is the highest honor we could think of. Lastly, this is also a successful technical proof of concept, which will inform future creators and artists about the constraints and possibilities of onchain NFTs.


The images were first hand drawn. Most of them are completely unique, but there may be a set or two of twins out in the wild. The full quality images were uploaded to IPFS. After that, the images were compressed (with almost no loss in quality) and converted to hexadecimal to be stored on the blockchain for all eternity.


OCW is also unique in the way it is launched. A whitelist was established by giving community members the ability to Voice Verify by performing a ceremony in the ENFT DAO Discord. Once verified into the Fellowship, members were able to whitelist their wallet to guarantee them the right to 1 OCW (and no more). Whitelist members will have approx. 24 hours to claim their OCW, after which minting will be open to the community. Only a maximum 90 OCW were claimed by the Fellowship and by the team (75 Fellowship, 15 Team), meaning 55 OCW will be available to the community at large. Our goal was to create a decentralized and passionate user base that is more interested in building community than flipping for profits.

How many NFT projects can you name that launched for free? That limited to 1 mint per wallet? And how many did both? OCW employs the fairest launch We could think of.


There are two storage locations: IPFS and onchain on the Elrond Network.

Step 1 – Go to the Elrond Explorer

Step 2 – Put in your wallet address – starts with erd…

Step 3 – Click NFTs. Your OCW NFTs are numbered and have a ID that starts with: ENFT-C26061-XX

Step 4 – Click on the NFT ID (ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE)

Step 5 – In the “Assets” field there’s a long block of hex code at the end starting with: 89…..

Step 6 – Convert this hex data to an image simply by copying and pasting the string into this Hex to Image converter.

Voila! You’ve confirmed that you will forever own this image on the blockchain. Congratulations!